Gryphon Auction Systems - Auction Management Software, David Palmer and other Freelance Auctioneers

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Gryphon Auction Systems - Auction Management Software, David Palmer and other Freelance Auctioneers
AIMS 2019 Suitable for most auctioneers, particularly those who issue new paddle numbers to registered buyers at each sale.  Works with data from and
AIMS Fine Arts For auctioneers who maintain one register of buyers and where buyers retain the same Paddle Number for every sale.  Also handles sales where successful bidders call out their name instead of using a paddle number.  Works with data from and  Primarily for auctioneers on the HMRC Margin Scheme.
AIMS Lite Simplified version, suitable for small auctioneers or new auctioneers needing to keep costs down.
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Gryphon Auction Management System (AIMS)

Gryphon Auction Systems develop and supply Windows based ‘back office’ software for managing Fine Art, Specialist, Commercial or General Auction Sales.

Because we use AIMS to run sales ourselves we have built a level of experience which few other software developers can match. The guys that write it, use it!  AIMS is, therefore, continually being refined and enhanced from first-hand experience. 

Using the same terminology that most auctioneers use, our software is powerful, yet easy to use.  We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach of some of our competitors so have made sure that AIMS is as flexible as possible.  We have a version to suit every auctioneer and every pocket.

Not only do we write and supply the software, but we can also supply the staff and laptop computers to help manage the back office operation for auctioneers without fixed premises and who only hold occasional sales.  

An effective and efficient back office solution for busy auctioneers, AIMS has a proven track record of success in auction houses of all sizes throughout the UK. No auctioneer works in totally the same way and so AIMS is very flexible. Indeed we have developed different versions to suite particular auction types.

AIMS was custom designed with the needs of both small and large auctioneers in mind. EASY to use, EASY to learn, AIMS is a powerful package. Using familiar language and simple menu driven screens, it is easy to navigate around. 

AIMS will help produce your catalogue, purchaser invoices and statements, vendor contracts/notifications/statements, financial reports and will link to your web site, enabling you to upload the sale catalogue and sale results at the click of a button.

Gryphon can also host your AIMS generated Sale Catalogue, as well as design and manage your website. - Designed and Hosted by Gryphon - Sale Catalogue hosted by Gryphon

IMPORTANT NOTE! All versions of AIMS are Microsoft Access applications. 

We chose Microsoft Access as it is a powerful database development package which can quickly produce and amend/customise office applications.  The means that we can tailor it to your needs, rather than force you to work it's way.

Microsoft Access is a seperate software package and can be bought as a part of the Microsoft Office package.  We recommend subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 via, where you pay a small monthly fee and can install Office on up to 5 PCs.  Please note that there are various levels of subscription and you need to ensure the one you sign up to includes Access as several don't.

Gryphon Auction Systems - Auction Management Software, David Palmer and other Freelance Auctioneers