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1A 1960's Scalextric Set No.32 (inc. cars) with 5 unboxed cars  £30 - £50More
2A boxed Scalextric World Rally, with Renault Megane cars. Appears complete & in good condition.  £20 - £40More
38 unboxed Scalextric slot cars.  £40 - £60More
4A boxed Top Gear Laps Scalextric set.  £20 - £40More
5A boxed McLaren Mercedes Scalextric Digital set. £30£30 - £50More
6A boxed TCR Total Control Racing slotless racing system. By Ideal.  £10 - £20More
7A box containing a quantity of vintage Scalextric cars and track. c.1960/70's cars. £22£15 - £30More
82 Action Man Footballer kits. Comprises c1960's Chelsea kit (missing socks), and a boxed 40th Anniversary West Ham kit. N.B. Action Man figure missing from set.  £20 - £30More
98 unboxed Hill & Co. lead mounted Lifeguard toy soldiers. No broken parts or restoration. Original paintwork. £30£30 - £50More
105 boxed 'Johillco' Hill & Co. lead mounted Lifeguard toy soldiers. No broken parts or restoration. Original paintwork. Set #105.  £40 - £60More
11A boxed Tri-ang toy soldier Fort Z with a lead & plastic soldiers.  £20 - £40More
12A box of modern Action man figures and accessories.  £20 - £30More
13A c.1920/30's wooden toy soldier castle and assorted plastic soldiers.  £20 - £40More
14A boxed Astra 12 inch Howitzer. With 5 rubber 'shells' and instruction leaflet. Fires projectiles by use of caps. Box has internal packing. £50£50 - £80More
158 vintage lead Cavalry soldiers. 6 by Britains and 2 Charbens.  £35 - £40More
1613 x Britains lead US Civil War Cavalry soldiers. Comprising of 6 Union and 7 Confederate, c.1951 £75£75 - £85More
17Britains lead Confederate gun carriage set, c.1940's. £42£45 - £50More
187 x white metal/lead historical figures on bases. Approx 56mm scale.  £45 - £50More
195 modern 1st World War lead soldiers. Comprising of 4 x Australian and 1 x French.  £20 - £30More
2012 x WWII lead soldiers.  £35 - £40More
2112 x WWII lead soldiers, together with 2 dispatch riders.  £40 - £50More
226 Britains lead mounted Cowboys. £46£40 - £50More
2324 lead figures and accessories, mostly by Britains. Some c.1930's.  £25 - £30More
24A collection of 13 lead zoo and farm animals, mostly Britains.  £40 - £50More
2510 x Charbens lead Knights and Crusaders. c.1950's.  £40 - £50More

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