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Sale Catalogue for sale to be held on: Wednesday 14 June 2017

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Sale Date: Wednesday 14 June 2017

Start Time: 10:00

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Saturday   10/06/2017 10:00 12:30
Monday   12/06/2017 10:00 17:00
Tuesday   13/06/2017 10:00 17:00
Sale Day Viewing Commences:   10:00

 Sold For 
1A quantity of acrylic shelves and display blocks. In clear, opaque white and smokey grey acrylic. £15 - £30 More..
2A box of jewellery display items to include necks and earring stands. Together with a quantity of clear plastic display stand for leaflets, price guides etc £10 - £20£9More..
32 boxes of new earring boxes. Black velvet with satin ribbon and bow decoration. White velvet and satin lined interior. £10 - £20£10More..
42 boxes of new jewellery boxes, comprising 12 earring boxes and 24 necklace boxes. Black velvet with white velvet and satin lined interior. £15 - £30£12More..
5A box of new leather effect jewellery boxes. To include boxes for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. £10 - £20£15More..
62 boxes of new black velvet jewellery boxes. To include boxes for earrings, necklaces and bangles/watches. Approx 45 boxes in total. £15 - £30£15More..
72 boxes of new jewellery boxes, some black velvet exterior and some cardboard exterior. To include boxes for bangles/watches, necklaces, earrings and rings. Approx.. 70 boxes in total. £20 - £40 More..
8A box of white leather effect jewellery display stands. To include stands for rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets/watches. £10 - £20£22More..
9A box of acrylic and plastic jewellery display stands. To include stands for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. £10 - £20£40More..
10A quantity of 6 white, leather effect display busts for jewellery. Freestanding with hooks on back for attaching necklaces. Approx. 32cm tall.£10 - £20£15More..
11A quantity of white, leather effect and acrylic jewellery display stands. Comprising; 3 busts, necklace stand, ring display stand, 9 earring display stands and a 3 tier bracelet/watch stand. £10 - £20£20More..
12A box of white, leather effect jewellery display stands. To include stands for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. £10 - £20£25More..
13A box of clear, opaque and coloured plastic jewellery display stands. To include stands for displaying earrings, necklaces and bracelets. £10 - £20£15More..
144 shop display jewellery bead stands. 3 plastic and 1 white, leather effect. Tallest approx. 25cm tall.£10 - £20 More..
155 shop display ring trays. 3 black with velvet lining - display 132 rings each. 2 white, leather effect - display 20 rings each. Black - 34cm x 24cm, white - 22.5cm x 18.5cm.£10 - £20 More..
16A silver cross set with crystals and garnet, on a silver chain. With a plain silver cross. Crystal cross 3cm long to top of the bale. Plain cross 3.5cm long. Chain 15" long (36cm)£10 - £20£8More..
173 silver/white metal chains with pendants. 1. Small silver locket with decorative engraving to front. 2. A white metal ballerina. 3. An Egyptian hieroglyphic panel. £10 - £20£10More..
18A box containing a quantity of silver/white metal items. To include a silver heart 'padlock' clasp, an eternity ring, 'T' bar for a watch chain & a broken hallmarked Victorian buckle £20 - £30£20More..
192 large design rings. 1. 925 silver set with agate & 2. Yellow metal wide shank ring set with a large oval amethyst stone. Both size Q.£15 - £30£26More..
20A wooden musical jewellery box and a tray of vintage & modern costume jewellery. £15 - £30£30More..
213 pieces of silver jewellery set with abalone/paua shell. Comprising: a pendant and chain, brooch in the shape of a Kiwi & a ring size N. £15 - £30£30More..
22A large circular silver locket on a silver belcher chain. With decorative engraving to front. Locket 4cm in diameter. 24" chain (60cm). Weight approx 21g.£15 - £30£35More..
23A pair of long crystal drop earrings set in silver with silver posts. Marquis cut crystals. 4.5cm drop.£15 - £30£25More..
249ct gold earrings set with oval citrines. £20 - £40£50More..
25Norwegian silver blue enamelled butterfly brooch. Maker Ivar T Holth, Oslo. Slight damage to enamel on right upper part of wing. 4cm across at widest part x 2.25cm long.£20 - £40£40More..